Secret Sodomy Society

Against Bumming & Being Bummed

I note that the James J. O’Meara has written a brief review of a book entitled Sex, Surrealism, Dali and Me, by someone called Clifford Thurlow. The review appears on Counter Currents as Smoke & Surrealism: Don Salvadore Dalí, the Original Mad Man. O’Meara seems to be—as is frequently the case with homosexuals—driven by a prurient curiosity, which may well simply be a coincidence, but is more likely the protruding mouthpart of a disturbing agenda caché.

I have no interest in reading O’Meara’s book, The Homo & the Negro, though the cursory summaries provided below the advertisement on Counter Currents are quite telling. There are three: from Greg Johnson himself, Jack Donovan, and Wulf Grimsson. Setting aside the debate in relation to the sexual orientation of these authors—although, and as I understand it, Jack Donovan is openly ‘gay’—their own work and the company they keep speaks volumes.

Wulf Grimsson’s book, Male Mysteries and the Secret of the Mannerbund, explores secret all-male societies and Androphillia, which, in scientific terminology, delineates sexual attraction to men.

Jack Donovan is famed for his, The Way of Men, a book which attempts to explore and invigorate a ‘gang’ mentality in the males of our tribe, with a delicate dressing of implied sexual deviancy.

Greg Johnson has written and given a talk on the subject of clandestine, consciously-White freemasonry, among other topics of course, including promotion of the above.

One can only assume that the exemplar of this bi-curious and macho mannerbund would be a thing akin to a remake of Zack Synder’s 300 movie, in which the tanned and muscular Spartans abandoned sexual conventions and indulged in a spot of hugging and kissing between pitched battles; a subtle reinvention where the arrow-laden death scene could take on more of an erotic significance – please do try to keep your dinner down!

Groups of men do not form because they find one another sexy. And nor do established groups of men begin to find one another sexy over time, assuming we are dealing with real men here and not closet weirdos. Certainly a man can develop a strong affection for his comrades, grow to love them even, but this is purely platonic. What this has to do with french kissing your spiritual brother and buggery is anyone’s guess. There is something disgusting afoot in the intellectual Right and it stinks of a substance that most sane human beings, without much arm bending, flush down the toilet quick smart.

Can there be any doubt as to why supposedly patriotic homosexuals (or wherever on the Androphilic spectrum these men are to be found) might encourage secret societies and all-male gangs? There is not a single doubt in my mind. It is to be close to other men – of course it is! You would have to be wilfully stupid to believe otherwise. Just as an active paedophile gravitates to the role of school janitor or scout leader, so do the Uranians of the Right seek out, and assist in the creation of, exclusive fraternities of disenfranchised young White men.

A curious cocktail of desperate White men, numinously disconnected from their womenfolk by the machinations of an arch rival and the Babylonian Whore known as feminism, and the need to redefine what it means to be a man in this distorted world, will inevitably invite the gay olive on a little stick.

“The first rule of Man Club is, never talk about Man Club.”

We know what they are going to say before they even say it! And just in case you believe that I am a crafty feminist apologist, I am all in favour of Man Club—it is a vital aspect of the New Movement—but the guiding influence of those who take a sneaky peek at a pert posterior is to be vigorously resisted.

Man Club is not a Weltanschauungen because it does not include woman or encourage fatherhood and therefore is a conspicuous dead end path. There is little doubt in my mind that Man Club is needed, but Gay Club is not and nor is a movement that denies the natural urges of men and women in their entirety. Not only are such things unsustainable but they are also extremely damaging to our cause as a whole.

My message to these secret bum admirers is this: start being a little more honest with your readers and followers and clearer in your motives. If you are ever to gain any acceptance then you must risk being rejected. Your less than candid scribblings might dupe some of our young men but, ultimately, they will be your undoing. My advice is create your own movement, and leave us with healthy sexual appetites alone, or do the honourable thing and come clean: you want a secret society in which you can recruit new blood, just as do most homosexuals – it is your MO because you cannot reproduce your own numbers naturally.

If I have offended anyone then, as my mother used to say, tough tits.

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