A Social Experiment

I do not watch TV. And by that I mean I, and my family, do not watch broadcast television and have not done for many years. I do, however, possess a television set and sometimes use it for the playing of DVDs. What has caught my attention when speaking with White people is how dishonest they are in relation to their own TV watching.

When I meet someone new–in whatever situation–I will invariably mention that I do not watch television, which is usually because some inane show, celebrity, or topical event is mentioned. The response to my abstinence, on almost every occasion is, “No, nor do I really… apart from the News… and nature programmes… and I really love that new comedy…”

Similar is often the case during furtive discussions regarding racial differences, World War Two, Jews, and other taboo subjects; the, “I’m not a racist, but…” personal dilemma.

And these are the folk upon which a so-called democracy is dependant…


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